We design a company's office / office buildings…...

inside and out must be the company's (Declaration), the external display is clearly a chance at home while the work of colleagues inspired consensus.

Commercial office space, showroom / showroom design is the most challenging areas is that it must be combined and explain merchandise display (or store) the image; be now the world community has to have a very high into the business, even (cultural) activities on the design improvement of design must accommodate more space and practical elements, inspired by the power increase; decoration into one, we re-strengthen the emphasis on space design space design, modern and even avant-garde raises the image of match customer's mind.

A well in the [environment] plan is......

an open way of thinking, design work and design is different is that planners have to consider, not just the actual final form and space, but also how to coordinate the development process in the power and limitations of different to shape the rules of the game development environment.

The challenge is: when the environmental conditions of extremely complex by [the clients demand] obscure the time, planners must be an objective analysis of all aspects of integration, proposed the development of clear spindle (theme) and the most flexible operation mechanism, to develop goals, demand, integrated operation and space to complete. We uphold the Secretary's attitude and open thinking, inherited from the planning and design expertise, the Secretary and the academic work for the Interior Design interior design changes and the views are as follows:

1). On the relationship between our’s client & ourselves, it is the best character services design. Designer directly to end users, not through a sales agency / agent and other intermediaries, to communicate more directly, therefore, needs more real depth, looking forward through interaction with the owners of the full formation of special working partnership, and moving to common practice space to create.

2). On the relationship between design & construction, it is the most consistent integrity of the executed. The combination of design and construction, making designer designer in addition to academic (work), but also must be familiar with the material properties, applied for the order and project control, learn about the design and construction of the interaction, by and specialist workers in the long term with the temper of fully understand the process (Art & Craft) of the inner meaning.

3). Work on the planning & design characteristics, it is the most inspiring process of thinking.

Also on Interior space

is most closely each person's environment, daily life, as opposed to the external environment worsen the situation, interior space a person can control the last line of defence, which has considerable representation of life and hope, in addition to meet the functional needs of and as a personal symbol, the same time is also a result of time / space due to the performance of students (expression is also); in personal (or internalisation) and by the time / to system-inch case, the designer can be involved in Interior Space Programming / Designing a full process, so proposition between Ordering and Design Designing, can be more sensitive and deeper fit, and even inspire users (owners) thought about their own position and the external environment (social) interaction.

For us, job content are not limited to the final design of the shape and space, including demand planning and interpretation; make our design results, design / concept result Bu Jin satisfying the life and inspired the imagination of the possibilities of life.

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