In terms of space

often talking in Hong Kong, A new generation of designers will be presenting innovations and visionary concepts for the future of business space, office or domestic living. An abundance of inspired-and at times provocative-designs will provide a great deal of inspiration and lots of fresh ideas for the interior design of tomorrow.

For the future, The success of this format can be seen by the many designers who have been discovered here by internationally renowned companies and whose designs have gone on to become part of exclusive collections. Three dimensional design talents is both a taste of things to come and a springboard for a career in interior design; and also including office design / office interior design / office decorative works with contracting / home design / home decoration works with contracting / furniture design with tailor made / residence design etc……….

A company's office design Interior Design

must be [useful]. Journal of the term has recently been concern about the construction industry, while the interior design has been used. In modern interior design, [anti-traditional] high voice gradually. Design and practical first, which means not only design beautiful appearance, but also take account of customers to use its features. This combination of functional and aesthetic aspects of design development, but also create a more dynamic new three-dimensional visual effect.

For example: A community desk of Hong Kong, the reference to the concept of interaction, the whole public indoor area usually small, but the use of high-level layer, before and after the perspective of the glass material can be made rich layers of visual space, the landscape can also be extended, but also created Many established neighbourhood patterns (improvisation corner), in the midst of the trend) (integration, but also stressed the need for local space and the level corresponding to each other, so that the neighbourhood structure to share not only the so-called (noble taste), and interactive, colleagues know each other neighbourhood activities, to say no abstract.

Office business world

where all kinds of office of its type, all types and kinds, but they all contain the [work of working] and [facade reception] two reasons, sometimes from each other, sharply divided as the two worlds, sometimes inside and outside, big or inside out; depends on industry characteristics, such as work or business outside of the image.

The Division office building in the design of all walks of life, in addition to considering their own unique images, each business always gives prudent and proper sense, therefore, in the space normally taken by the symmetry axis of the structure of stress. re-establish the symmetry of the space level, so that order can be established space; in color design and materials, decorative materials and seek its gentle kind, or appropriate match; just as one of the Division Interior Design Interior Design Website web-site layout as.

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