Interior design, interior decoration and indoor finishing

Interior Design (Interior Design) ︰
Modern interior design is a comprehensive indoor environmental design, which includes the visual environment and engineering aspects, including sound, light, heat and other physical environment and atmosphere, mood and other psychological environment and cultural connotation and so on.

Interior Decoration (Interior Finishing) ︰
Finishing the meaning of the word have the final package to complete justice, interior decoration focus on engineering, construction technology and construction practices, the name implies mainly refers to the civil engineering construction is complete, room each interface, windows, partitions and other fitting-out works.

Interior contracting or decorating (Interior Ornament Decoration) ︰
Interior decoration and the original meaning refers to [objects or commodities rendering] as [modified] appearance (see "Chinese Dictionary" No. 4387) is to control from the outside, the visual arts to explore and study the perspective of the problem.

In the home or office decoration, decoration design, office design of the word, often hear to {taste}, taste in the end is what?
Dictionary said, Taste︰evaluation, measurement , purport, significance。

Office/Residence, Home how to install, how to repair, how decorated, how to design?

Naturally reflected in the design of high and low taste. High were memorable, the lower of the more clearly do not pleasing to the eye, or take it lightly Flower art or flavours taste is interesting, its level is only between the front line.

Senior designer, When the salt which, when sugar, where the green cloth, where the development of red, all embody design knowledge and artistic quality of the state of cultivation depth. Taste is the time to cultivate the endowment of the design is the prolonged exposure of the character, is a manifestation of personal character qualities. It is paradoxically not provocative, it sound like magic, If such silent quiet.

Therefore, Interior Design / Home Improvement Home decoration / office refurbishment Office Design of the most unusual is the word (taste). Through the efforts of designers need to learn, read materials on a wide range of knowledge, improve the overall quality of the natural line of home renovation work, tend to the ideal, realistic and full of charm, practical and creative, to seek, to the realm of design taste side view.

For further decoration is decorated space modification in order to create a beautiful environment for supporting technology. Interior design is not so off innovation, through the function of decoration, aesthetics of decoration works is very important.


Renovation and decoration do not distinguish who is light? who is weight? Two is together.

Interior Design should make the two complement each other, through the material texture, color match, accessories of arrangement, renovation and decoration to produce premium results. Interior design is not what will be, in people's demand for increasingly diversified, individualized today, the best thing will be out of date.


Space, size, color coordination and contrast to the smooth lines; material selection and changes, involved and express the emotional and creative designers. Interior design in the form of language with the emotional and creative designers can easily be perceived and resonate, physiological, psychological, sensory pleasure. Strong desire for more creative designer, emotional more abundant, its inspiration is ready to come out.

Innovation, Vision sense of the dye and the formation of the atmosphere, Interior design in the form of language with the emotional and creative designers can easily be perceived and resonate, physiological, psychological, sensory pleasure and the formation of interior design process is an indispensable element of the original. interior design process is an indispensable element, the designer must grasp the pulse of the times and national personality.

In fact, the spatial patterns to create rich, pay attention to science, the pursuit of peace at random, outspoken free state is more important, it is the main intention of interior design. Interior design have a clear unifying theme. Unification of all the United States may constitute a form and essence. the unified and design planning, so that neither the price of another connotation of the idea of becoming, but more talk about popular decorative character, the specific environment of different cultural backgrounds and customs different taste to pursue, it may produce different results.

With the social development of ancient interior design, always with the impression of an era, like a history book without words. This is due to interior design ideas from the design, construction technology, interior decoration materials to facilities, to material production and social standards of the time, social cultural and spiritual life together; in the interior organization, layout and decorative treatment and so on, generally speaking, there still, and then philosophy, aesthetic point of view, socio-economic, folk customs and other closely related. From the microscopic, individual works of view, the level of quality interior design, quality and designer are both merits and demerits of the professional qualities and cultural literacy, etc. together. As for the design of each individual after the implementation of the outcome of the final grade, but also, and the project specific construction techniques, using quality materials, facilities, configuration, and is closely related with the coordination of the builders, that design is the most decisive and crucial link premise, but ultimately the quality of results depends on the design---materials--- construction and between clients-my company of the relationship.

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