The first talking (no any charge)

both the client and our company for a preliminary phone call / email etc., about fitting the situation, budget etc.

coming the construction site with exploration: to discuss & study preferences, functional requirements and style.

site measurement scale, and preliminary planning with clients.

view shooting to help the environment.

(stay in as to take 45-90 minutes)

The second talking (no any charge)

telephone contact customer, analysis / answer site inspection issues.

provide a preliminary quotation with the contract.

provide a preliminary plan, space design, configuration points and so on.

The third talking (agreement letter signed establishment or deposit)

to continue size of the modification of the extension, in-depth discussion of amendments to change the pricing breakdown.

detail the plan, elevation, or various types of plans.

material selection, and to provide material samples to discuss the selection arrangements.

 (the above process: both parties must sign to confirm agreement or quotation decoration; meeting as door access to discuss;  the client must pay 5% deposit, as our employed to establish)

Project preparation

to start the preparation of the project design is expected to amend the details and final confirmation of the two sides formally signed.

preparation and start setting / about decoration materials, the admission arrangements for staff time and positions.

and can apply to the Management Office on behalf of clients / submit the form of renovation projects and plans.


the work of commencement of day to test units and with client entrust entrance keys.

while the construction unit to complete the temporary transfer secretary-power to us, the unit to be clean or demolition works immediately.

by construction time, strictly proceed.

please see for details of the division web-site  process, inspection and design supervision.

pay the costs and final payment:  follow the specify quotations.

After the working day of completion of section

behalf of the Warranty Department officers in the execution of repair works unfinished.

take photo / filming collection, the end of fitting-out.

except to anthropogenic factors, natural wear and tear and the costs payments of arrears; the structure, the general to provide two years of maintenance free.

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